Public or Private with calling hours & viewing of deceased at families accommodating location, cemetery chapel or place of worship

Our charges for this PACKAGEIncludes:


·Basicservices of funeral director and staff

·Localremoval of deceased from place of death

a.     Ifover 25 miles from funeral home add $2.00/mile

·Coordination with legallyauthorized person(s) to execute contract authorizing funeral home to performservices and preparation of death certicate and all legaldocuments/authorizations required under Ohio or PA law


a.     IN PA ONLY Coordination withCounty Coroner/Medical Examiner to review doctor signed death certificatesand/or issue required document, statement or letter authorizing the PADepartment of Health to issue a Burial/Transit/Cremation Permit to the funeralhome  (ADD $30-$50)

b.     File Original Death Certificateand obtain Certified Copies of Death Certificate (If needed)(Cash Advanced item)from the PA or OhioDepartment of Health and for OHIO DEATHS ONLY a Cremation Permit (ADD $3.00)

·Embalming of normal case**and other preparation of deceased

a.     Basicrestoration and cosmetics

b.     Simplehair dressing or barber service

c.     Dressingand casketing

·Use of20 Ga Steel Rental Casket (Funeral Home to select)


a.     Crematory required receptaclefor deceased (Alternative Container)

                                                  i.     This receptacle is for the easyand safe holding and transportation of your loved one as well as the the safetyof funeral home and crematory staff

·Use ofstaff and equipment for one (3) hour Public Farewell at families accommodationlocation or place of worship including any religious service

a.     Funeralservices end at the end of calling hours or religious service

·Registerbook and prayer up to 200 prayer cards

·Localtransportation to the crematory

·Crematorycremation fee

·Retrieval of cremated remainsfrom crematory for release to legally authorized person(s)

·Temporary cremation containerfor cremated remains

·Placement of local newspaperdeath notices (Cash advanced item)


      Currently the cremation facility weuse requires a cremation container made of corrugate fiberboard.  The container for this service is asdescribed above. 


    OTHER things every family shouldconsider when arranging funeral/cremation services:

·Rememberthat after the funeral your family still needs money to live therefore staytrue to a realistic budget even if you have a death benefit or life insurancepolicy

·Thecost of other items associated with the service that a family may incurseparately from the funeral home charges:

o       CemeteryCharges for grave/mausoleum, opening of burial space, vault for grave, headstoneand installation, lettering of crypt

o       Honorariumsfor the church, clergy, soloist, organist

o       Costof Luncheon, Mercy Breakfast or other meal gathering

o       Costof Flowers


Other merchandise and cash advance items are additional.

All funeral homes doing business in the State of Ohio arerequired to collect sales tax on all items of tangible personal property.  (7.25% on merchandise)

Easily servicing the counties of Mahoning, Trumbull,Columbiana in Ohio and Lawrence, Beaver, Mercer in PA

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