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Our charges for direct cremation (excluding ceremony, embalming and visitation/calling hours) includes:

Basic services of funeral director and staff

  1. Local removal of deceased from place of death
    • If over 25 miles from funeral home add $2.50/mile
  2. Refrigerated shelter of remains for up to five days or portion thereof
    • If over Five days or portion thereof add $30/day or portion thereof for storage (may be waved by funeral director depending if reason is beyond family control)
  3. Coordination with legally authorized person(s) to execute contract authorizing funeral home to perform services and preparation of death certificate and all legal documents/authorizations required under Ohio OR PA law
  4. Required Certificates/Letters/Authorizations/Permits:
    • Coordination with County Coroner/Medical Examiner to review doctor signed death certificates and/or issue required document/statement/letter authorizing the Ohio Department of Health to issue a Cremation Permit to the funeral home
    • Obtain Certified Copies of Death Certificate (if necessary)(cash advanced item over and above the service charge) from the Ohio Department of Health and Cremation Permit (add $3.00)
  5. Crematory required recepticale for deceased (Alternative Container)
    • This recepticale is for the easy and safe holding and transportation of your loved one as well as the the safety of funeral home and crematory staff
  6. Local transportation to the crematory
  7. Crematory cremation fee (INCLUDED IN THIS SERVICE CHARGE)
  8. Retrieval of cremated remains from crematory for final disposition or release to legally authorized person(s)
  9. Temporary cremation container for cremated remains (which is suitable to hold the cremated ashes)
  10. Placement of local newspaper death notices (cash advanced item over and above the service charge)

     Alternative containers encase the remains and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering).  The alternative containers we provide are made of fiberboard, corrugated cardboard, composition material or a vinyl pouch.

     The cremation facility requires a cremation container made of corrugate fiberboard.  The containers we provide are: Corrugate Fiberboard made from Heavy Waxed Cardboard.

Direct Cremation with:

  • Container provided by Funeral Home                                              $750.00
  • Alternative Container provided by Purchaser                                 $735.00
  • Casket (cost of casket is additional)                                                $735.00

Merchandise and cash advance items are additional.

All funeral homes doing business in the State of Ohio are required to collect sales tax on all items of personal tangible property.

Prices  are effective as of  March 17, 2015 and are subject to change without notice.

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